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Company History

Cadillac ProductsClements Manufacturing was founded around 1910 and operated until 1971 when the name was changed to Clements National Company . Principal products are under the "Cadillac" trademark which was granted in 1912. Clements National became a division of Winchester Electronics Corporation in Aug 2012.

Clements National Co. has ISO 9001 : 2008 quality system certification as well as some product line certifications. Visit certifications page for details. or www.

  • Cadillac Trainline Connectors
  • Cadillac MOG Connectors
  • Crane/Spreader Connectors
  • Cadillac Industrial Products
Cadillac Connectors

Clements National Company

Cadillac Products
Clements National Company continues to manufacture high quality products for trainline communication/control connectors and harness assemblies for the transportation industry, as well as MOG connectors for marine, oil and gas industry. Clements National Company sells product, under the Cadillac trademark. We are a fully integrated manufacturing and engineering organization having ISO 9001:2008 certification. We incorporate state-of-the-art computer aided design engineering techniques to design all of our products. In addition we utilize computer numerically controlled machining centers to achieve precise high tolerances which are demanded of the equipment we service and sell. We have a highly educated and disciplined engineering staff with extensive knowledge and background in ceramics, plastics, castings, electronics, thermodynamics and general mechanics. All of our products are manufactured at our facilities in Chicago. Our company prides itself on its ability to service and respond to the customer's needs and requirements.

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